Chord Example

Green cords will be given to members at graduation who have demonstrated involvement and continued commitment to the club. We give out cords based on attendance to our events, where you can sign in using your school email address. Most of our events are worth 1 attendance point. Volunteering for an event such as the plant sale or an elementary school outreach event is worth 2 points. 

To receive a cord, we ask that you get an average of 4 points per semester, or 32 points total.

For 2024 graduates: Because of the pandemic, the UIBIO executive board has decided to lower the point requirement from 32 points to 24 points. This change was made to accommodate for the missed opportunities and events due to COVID-19. 

For 2025, 2026, and 2027 graduates: You will need 32 points to receive a graduation cord. 

If you have questions about your attendance or our cord, please email our executive board at