About BIO

BIO stands for Biological Interests Organization. BIO is an undergraduate student-led organization dedicated to the development of students in the biological sciences. The organization is free to join and open to all majors. Our purpose is to provide students with connections to research opportunities, career networking, and volunteering opportunities within the Biology Department and the University of Iowa across campus!

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Frequently Asked Questions



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We are free to join and open to all majors! We keep in touch with our members by sending out newsletters weekly. Once your email address is added to our list, you are considered a member! There are no requirements, and members are free to participate in as many events as they want.

Events are a little different each semester, but all are open to students of any major.

- Review sessions before exams for Diversity of Form & Function and Foundations of Biology, led by our academic director in a lecture format.

- Biweekly tutoring sessions for Diversity of Form & Function and Foundations of Biology, led by peer tutors in a Q+A format.

- Monthly social events!

- MCAT/GRE info sessions for students planning to take one of these exams. 

- Speakers from various graduate programs and companies in the life sciences. 

- Volunteering opportunities and elementary school outreach. 

- Undergraduate research info sessions, with a panel of students who are currently in a research lab, as well as lab shadowing opportunities.

- Plant sale, tie-dyeing, and other science-related crafts.

BIO is led by an executive board of students that meets once a week during the school year. 

Applications for the executive board are open to all students and are sent out in the BIO newsletter about halfway through the spring semester. 

Green cords will be given to members at graduation who have demonstrated involvement and continued commitment to the club. Go to the "Earn Your Cord" tab for more information!

We appreciate the opportunity to work with other student organizations on campus to make things happen. Contact uibio-2023@team.uiowa.edu to schedule a meeting with a member of our executive board!

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